Testosterone Replacement Therapy -Uses, Dosage, Side Effects, Interactions, Warning

Testosterone replacement therapy has now become the modern option for aging men who have been suffering from a deficiency of testosterone. And today in order to redeem your fitness, many therapies are available which claim to work towards the betterment of health. There are many reasons why men undergo testosterone replacement therapy and improving your mood and libido is just one of the many positive effects. However, you cannot say that the entire process of TRT is free from any risk.

testosterone replacement therapy

It cannot be said that every man out there is fit to undergo testosterone replacement therapy. Because there are some patients who have experienced side effects and one of those side effects has been hair fall. But does TRT cause hair loss actually? Let us find out!

What are the benefits of testosterone replacement therapy?

When men reach the age of 50 and above, a high percentage of them begin to experience some symptoms which occur due to reduced testosterone levels like reduced sex drive, fatigue, low beard growth, decreased bone density, memory loss, and many more. And in order to overcome these symptoms, testosterone replacement therapy can be considered a great option.

Testosterone replacement therapy can help in improving the overall cardiovascular and endothelial health by aiding in red blood cell production which is very important for physical exertion and performance. Testosterone replacement therapy also helps in decreasing the amount of fat but it increases muscle size and strength. If you combine the therapy sessions with regular exercise you will definitely notice great results.

Testosterone therapy can restore your libido and build your sex drive. It also reduces the chances of getting Alzheimer’s disease. It improves your overall well being and also makes your mood better.

So even after so many benefits why does this question-  “does TRT cause hair loss?” come to the minds of the people? 

benefits of testosterone replacement therapy

What is the relation between losing hair and testosterone?

If we go back to the earlier days, people thought that excessive testosterone causes hair loss. And that assumption is still prevalent today. However modern science has somewhat proved the fact that even though testosterone is related to hair, it doesn’t necessarily mean that higher levels of testosterone are equals to hair fall.

The primary source of baldness in men is usually genetic. And typically by the time when they start undergoing testosterone replacement therapy, they would have already started noticing their baldness if they have it in their genes. Another important factor to know is that genes do not directly play a role in hair loss. They only make the follicles of hair weak which intern becomes sensitive to testosterone. It is in fact true that testosterone can affect hair follicles but not so much as to cause hair loss.

Moreover, when you start with testosterone replacement therapy, you don’t get a ridiculous amount of testosterone pumped into you. Only just enough is put into your system so that it can go back to your normal range. Therefore Testosterone replacement therapy is not the primary cause for hair loss.

Final verdict.

There is a special component which is one of the byproducts of testosterone known as dihydrotestosterone. It helps in the development of male characteristics during puberty like facial hair. Reports say that around 5% of testosterone is converted into dihydrotestosterone and it is a very potent component. If you already have male pattern hair loss, this dihydrotestosterone can act as a catalyst for hair thinning. But how does it help in hair fall? Dihydrotestosterone has the potential of cutting off the supply of proteins and nutrients to your hair follicles. And due to starvation the follicle shrinks and the hair group gets destroyed.

The benefits of testosterone replacement therapy are so many that it outweighs any risk factors. So if you still have that question in your mind regarding-  does TRT cause hair loss? you do not have to worry about it because the answer is almost nonexistent. However, the only thing that you need to worry about is that you should not let the levels of testosterone go way down because the symptoms of testosterone deficiency can be far worse than balding.

Feeling exhausted all the time and not getting enough sleep and feeling depressed are much more dangerous rather than just losing a few strands of your hair. So if you are experiencing any symptoms of low testosterone you should definitely go-ahead for a medical check.

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