testosterone boosting foods

Testosterone Boosting Foods – Best 30 For Natural Gains

Testosterone is a sex hormone that is produced naturally in the bodies of human beings. Specially in the bodies of men, sex & testosterone go hand in hand as it can increase their sex drive, increase their bone mass, distribution of fat, producing red blood cells, and many more. When men age, the level of production of the hormone decreases to an extent. Hence testosterone boosting foods are suggested to the men so that their body functions remain healthy and normal.

testosterone boosting foods

It also plays a crucial role in the proper and healthy function of the reproductive organs of the male. A guy has a level of testosterone that is 7-8 times more than that of a woman. The hormone also helps a male to develop critical characteristics like their body hair and muscles. The level of the hormone increases during puberty and rises to a peak during the late teenage years.

Sometimes the male body produces too little testosterone. When there is a sign of low testosterone, the doctor usually lets you know which foods increase testosterone the most. And, these testosterone boosting foods will help you regain a reasonable level of the hormone in your body. As a man, you need to maintain a healthy level of testosterone in your body. The scale can decrease due to several reasons- it can be stress, an unhealthy diet, or anything else.


Here are the main reasons why testosterone is essential in the body of human beings-

  • It helps in the development of sexual organs in males.
  • It increases the energy level in the body.
  • It helps in muscle growth.
  • It helps in the development of male characteristics during puberty.
  • It contributes to the health of the heart.


But with proper care, the level of testosterone in the body can be brought to an average level. Sometimes, doctors suggest supplements to increase testosterone levels in the body. But, certain foods help to increase the level of testosterone in the body naturally. As a fitness expert, I believe that it is not necessary to get all paranoid about what to eat and what not to eat. Eating home-cooked and healthy food generally always helps no matter what the issue is. Eating healthy isn’t just enough, though. Exercising regularly and avoiding stress another ways to maintain a high level of testosterone in the body. If changes in diet and lifestyle do not help, then the doctor may prescribe some medicines.

Here are the top testosterone boosting foods that will help you to regain back the hormone level in your body. All these foods are natural, and I recommend them from my personal experience. If you have a question in your mind on ” how to increase testosterone levels quickly,” I have the exact response for you here.


  1. Strawberries

sign of low testosterone

Strawberries and raspberries are among the five high testosterone foods you must be eating. Strawberries have a high level of Zinc, which is a Governor of testosterone. When you increase the amount of Zinc that you intake directly, it improves the testosterone levels. And strawberries are a perfect way of increasing the level of this nutrient in your diet. This fruit can make your immune system stronger, reduce the risk of Arthritis in your body, fight cancer, and prevent heart diseases. You can also call it as one of those natural testosterone supplements.


  1. Sweet potatoes

Sweet potato for testosterone

Sweet potato for testosterone increase is a known fact by everyone. Potatoes and testosterone go hand in hand. Many might think sweet potatoes and regular potatoes are almost similar. But that’s not the case. Sweet potatoes contain an amazingly higher amount of Vitamin A. While regular potatoes contain 2 IU Vitamin A, sweet potatoes contain 14,187 IU on the other hand.


On consuming Vitamin A, testosterone levels can increase significantly. Sweet potatoes are also rich in vitamin B6, are a great source of Iron and an immensely high booster of the immune system. So it’s time to switch out the regular potatoes in your diet for sweet ones. It will definitely prove to be beneficial.


  1. Yogurt

foods that increase estrogen

Studies showed in 2014 that yogurt could increase the rate of testosterone production to a great extent. These benefits are more likely because it has healthy probiotic bacteria. Yogurt can also be considered among foods that increase estrogen. But men also can avail of excellent benefits. Yogurt is a healthy source of protein and also helps to improve the digestion process.


  1. Macadamia nuts

which foods increase testosterone the most

Macadamia nuts contain a high amount of healthy fats, just like most of the nut varieties. These nuts also have a healthy amount of monounsaturated and saturated fats. So, on consuming macadamia nuts, testosterone levels can increase substantially. You can just try eating a handful of nuts as a snack two times a day.

Macadamia nuts also have many other benefits. They help in reducing cholesterol, are full of antioxidants, Boost Your metabolism, and can make your bones stronger. I can say it’s a total win-win situation here.


  1. Coffee

Does drinking coffee lower testosterone

Coffee is among the favorite supplements for all the people who go to the gym. The debate regarding whether coffee is beneficial for improving testosterone levels has been going on for a long time. Does drinking coffee lower testosterone? No. In fact, coffee has emerged as the winner in the debate. Searching for coffee testosterone Reddit online will help you understand more about how caffeine and testosterone are related.

Coffee can definitely Boost Your adrenaline and make you feel more energetic. It also helps in burning off fat, can lower the risk of type 2 diabetes, and also helps in the protection of the liver. But drinking too much coffee can also wipe out all the sound effects.


  1. Brazil nuts

testosterone boosting foods

It is a fact that nuts are extremely good for the body. They are full of healthy fats and can help in increasing life expectancy and boosting your metabolism. Of course, they also increase testosterone levels. Even though macadamia nuts are better than Brazil nuts when it comes to the fat profile, Brazil nuts have an incredibly high amount of Selenium. They also have natural cholesterol. Both of these actors are extremely important for improving testosterone levels. Some other health benefits of Brazil nuts-


  • helps in the promotion of healthy skin
  • increases life expectancy
  • helps in boosting metabolism


  1. Raisins

how to increase testosterone levels quickly

Raisins are one of the most popular testosterone boosting foods due to multiple reasons. They are anti-inflammatory and are packed with antioxidants. They also contain Boron, which is a mineral known for increasing testosterone levels. Raisins also contain an antioxidant called Resveratol, which makes them one of the foods that boost testosterone and lower estrogen levels in men.

Raisins help in improving digestion, treating infections, improving dental health, and making the bones stronger.


  1. Parsley

natural testosterone supplements

Parsley is one of the testosterone boosting foods which contain a compound called apigenin. This compound helps in increasing the amount of steroidogenic acute regulatory protein in the testicles of the men. This is great because this compound also helps to stimulate the production of testosterone in the testes.

Parsley also supports the function of the Kidneys, is rich in vitamins, and helps to control blood pressure.


  1. Pomegranates

Potatoes and testosterone

Drink lots of pomegranate juice if you are struggling to improve the testosterone levels in your body. People say pomegranate is a superfood, and I cannot agree more. According to studies, pomegranate juice can increase testosterone levels by around 24%.

And that is not all. Drinking pomegranate juice can also increase the quality of sperm, and it also increases the sex drive in men. They are anti-inflammatory, can fight Arthritis, and also helps in lowering the blood pressure.


  1. Ginger

ginger for testosterone

Ginger is no more just a regular, ordinary household spice, and believe me when I say this. If you use Ginger properly, it can boost your testosterone to a great extent. Gingerol is one of the main active ingredient found in Ginger. It’s anti-inflammatory and can have a significant effect on your body.

A study in Iraq shows that Ginger can increase testosterone levels in men by 17%. Ginger has many other medicinal properties, can reduce post-workout soreness in muscles, lower blood sugar levels, and cholesterol.


  1. Raw Cacao products

Raw Cacao for testosterone

Cacao is the raw version of the cocoa bean. It is also called as raw chocolate. It is another one of the top testosterone boosting foods packed with antioxidants, enzymes, and good bacteria. It is a fact that on the consumption of Zinc, magnesium testosterone levels can be improved. And cacao products are rich in these minerals along with Iron and copper.

It also has perfect fat ratios, which helps in the production of testosterone. It is said that dark chocolate is really good for health, but it is better not to go for the ones produced in factories. Studies show that dark chocolate is good for blood pressure, and it contains L-Arginine, which increases the volume of semen. Raw chocolate also reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, helps to avoid premature aging, and is a natural stimulant.


  1. Oysters

Oysters for testosterone

Oysters are the perfect band booster and have been known as an aphrodisiac. They are full of minerals like Zinc, magnesium, Selenium, Vitamin B, and Vitamin D. Each of these minerals is very important for the production of the hormone. Oysters are also packed with their amino acids, which trigger higher levels of sex hormones. Oysters also contain a testosterone boosting amino acid called d aspartic acid.

Testosterone boosting supplements usually contain a minute amount of extract from oysters. Apart from triggering the production of high amounts of testosterone, minerals like Zinc and copper in oysters help to repair the skin by creating collagen. This, in turn, helps in the growth of stronger nails and healthy scalp and hair.


  1. Coconut

coconut for testosterone

It has been a debate over the past few years regarding whether coconut fat is healthy or not. Coconut contains 90% saturated fats, and Research says that saturated fats can be beneficial as it reduces the risk of many health diseases. In fact, it is considered to be the best type of fat for increasing the level of testosterone.


The coconut oil extracted from the flesh of the fruit works because the Leydig cells in the testicles of men convert cholesterol into testosterone. And the coconut oil helps these cells to absorb a large amount of cholesterol. Coconuts can also boost your metabolism and help in protecting your skin.


  1. Broccoli

Broccoli for testosterone

Broccoli is one of the testosterone boosting foods which help to reduce the level of estrogen in the body. It achieves this with the help of indole three carbinol content. This component also helps to increase the level of testosterone in men. This vegetable is back with vitamins K and C and is also an excellent source for Potassium and fiber.

Eating cruciferous vegetables in your diet can rid the body of excess estrogen, which in turn increases testosterone levels. Broccoli helps to reduce cholesterol, prevents cancer, helps in strengthening the bones, and is rich in antioxidants.


  1. Eggs

Eggs for testosterone

Eggs are the perfect protein to add to the diet because it has an ideal amount of amino acids and all vitamins except for vitamin C. Eggs are packed with good fatty acids and other micronutrients which can affect the testosterone level positively. Some people think that egg yolk is unhealthy since they have a high cholesterol content. But believe me, it is just a myth.


The cholesterol in egg yolks is excellent and is exactly what your body needs. Neither does it increase the wrong cholesterol level in your blood. But, the 12 eggs a day testosterone diet may not work for everyone. Eggs are rich in Zinc, which is a crucial mineral for maintaining male health.


You can say that the egg yolks are the building blocks of testosterone. Egg yolks also promote the healthy function of the heart and help to prevent cardiovascular disease.


  1. Watermelons

Watermelon for testosterone

Watermelons are one of the best sources of natural antioxidants, citrulline, and Vitamin C. All the ingredients protect our bodies against chronic health diseases like cancer or cardiovascular disorder. Watermelons also contain minerals like Potassium and magnesium. Studies have proved that consuming watermelon can increase the volume of semen. It kind of has a Viagra-like effect.


Watermelons have a component called lycopene that benefits the male prostate health. But I suggest it is better to have a fresh, organically grown watermelon instead of ordering a smoothie at a cafe because cafe smoothies may contain too much ice and tons of added sugar.


  1. Avocados

Avocados for testosterone

Avocados are among the testosterone boosting foods that are packed with powerful nutrients and a lot of potential health benefits. They also contain a lot of fat-soluble vitamins, and many of them are crucial for hormone production in men and women. Avocados also have high levels of monounsaturated fat like oleic acid, which benefits the heart. They also help to control blood sugar levels, maintain the insulin level, manage weight, and reduce inflammation.


Avocados are rich in fiber and Potassium, dense in nutrients, and lower the level of cholesterol. Monounsaturated fats are great for increasing testosterone.


  1. Shrimp

Shrimp and testosterone

Kinds of seafood are considered excellent for boosting testosterone levels in the body. Similarly, shrimp also Falls into the same category. Shrimp and testosterone go hand in hand. They contain a high amount of Vitamin D. And studies have found that vitamin D can increase the level of testosterone in the body. Shrimps are testosterone boosting foods, which increases the hormone level naturally.


They are also rich in lean protein, helps to improve blood health, and are a rich source of minerals.


  1. Blue Cheese

Blue Cheese for testosterone

Fermented cheeses are brilliant for testosterone production as they contain probiotics and enzymes, which increase the creation of the hormone. And blue cheese is definitely one of those testosterone boosting foods. Blue cheese is packed with saturated fat, which is excellent for the production of testosterone. The bacteria is fantastic for maintaining the health of the gut.


The high quantities of testosterone boosting saturated fat and fat-soluble vitamins make it one of the best choices to improve prostate health. Hypothalamus in man is responsible for the production of testosterone. And the bacteria present in blue cheese communicates with the hypothalamus. Blue cheese is also great for weight loss, promotes healthy function of the heart, and has anti-inflammatory properties.


  1. Onions

Onion for testosterone

Iranian scientists conducted some studies on rats, where they were fed onion juice. On doing this, their testosterone levels increased by around 300%. And it has been proved that it works the same on humans as well. Onions are packed with antioxidants that neutralize free radicals in the testicles.

They also contain a testosterone-boosting component called apigenin and quercetin. This enzyme helps to convert testosterone into a form that can be excreted out of the body with the help of urine. This also lowers the circulating levels of testosterone onions, can also help in regulating blood sugar, prevents cancer, and has anti-inflammatory properties.


  1. Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds for testosterone

Pumpkin seeds are mostly overlooked among the household food items. But it is one of the best testosterone boosting foods. It has an immense nutritional boost and contains high amounts of magnesium and Zinc. I guess I have already mentioned above how vital these two minerals are in boosting testosterone levels. They also have other health-promoting minerals.

The extracts from Pumpkin seeds and oils play a significant role in treating an enlarged prostate. Studies also show that pumpkin seed oil and pumpkin seeds are especially beneficial in supporting prostate health. Pumpkin seeds can also boost the immune system, are rich in Omega 3 and can improve the heart and liver health.


  1. Honey

Honey for testosterone

In honey, testosterone booster effects are present in large amounts. Including honey in the diet can help to pump up testosterone levels because it has Boron. Boron helps to increase free testosterone by decreasing sex hormone-binding globulin. Boron is considered among the supplements to increase testosterone. It also reduces the level of estrogen in a meaningful manner.

Honey also contains nitric oxide, which helps in erection. Honey is a syrup rich in sugar and hence an excellent alternative for Artificial sweeteners—Chrysin in honey blocks the conversion of testosterone into estrogen.


  1. Extra virgin olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil for testosterone

Recent studies show that consuming extra virgin olive oil increased testosterone levels in men by 17.4%. And now extra virgin olive oil is considered to be the king of testosterone boosting foods. Olive oil contains high-fat ratios for the production of testosterone, which is anti-inflammatory and packed with antioxidants.

3 Beta HSD and 17 beta HSD enzymes are involved in the manufacture of testosterone. And olive oil increases the activity of these two enzymes. It also increases the concentration of antioxidants in the Leydig cells, which makes testosterone from cholesterol. Extra virgin olive oil also slows down the aging of the skin, is great pain relief and helps in boosting the immune system.


  1. Minced Meat

Minced Meat for testosterone

Minced meat is absolutely brilliant for testosterone production. It contains a lot of testosterone, boosting fats, and is a rich source of protein. You can make tons of recipes using this item. I also like to experiment and come up with something of my own at times.

You should go for Organic minced meat, so you are so that it hasn’t been injected with unnatural hormones. Minced meat is rich in Iron and vitamins and promotes heart health.


  1. Kale

Kale for testosterone

Khel is among the top vegan foods to boost testosterone. This vegetable is rich in vitamins A, K, and C and contains a substance called DIM. This component is a great way to prevent the dominance of estrogen. Coming to women, this reduces the risk of breast cancer. And when it comes to men, it helps to avoid Side Effects of estrogen like man boobs, sex drive, and more.

When you consume cruciferous vegetables like Kale among foods to boost testosterone bodybuilding, and other stressful activities can be done in a better way because vegetables like this raise the level of testosterone and reduce estrogen. Kale also has low calories but is exceptionally high in fiber.


  1. Pineapple

Pineapple for testosterone

Pineapples are among the top testosterone boosting fruits. When you eat pineapples, an enzyme called bromelain enters your body. This supplement has been used by many professional bodybuilders so that their testosterone levels do not drop. Pineapples also help in post-workout recovery.


However, canned pineapples do not contain enough bromelain to have these kinds of effects. I suggest to eat a ripe pineapple, and you can also make a smoothie out of it.


  1. Bacon

testosterone food vegetarian

When it comes to testosterone food vegetarian options are not the only ones. Good quality bacon has Omega 3 fatty acids, which can prevent numerous diseases like cardiovascular, inflammatory, and diabetes. Bacon is also packed with a decent amount of iron, magnesium, Zinc, and Potassium. It contains a high amount of protein and saturated fats, which boosts the testosterone level.


  1. Wheat bran

Wheat bran for testosterone

Wheat Bran isn’t a prevalent one. But, it is actually one of the best testosterone boosting foods. Wheat Bran has a high amount of magnesium in it. Research and studies prove that people’s intake of magnesium also has higher production of testosterone. Eating magnesium-rich foods like this will improve your chance of increasing your testosterone levels.

Wheat Bran is also rich in fiber, protects you against heart diseases, and prevents gallstones.


  1. Kefir

Kefir grains on a wooden spoon above a jar of kefir

Kefir is a kind of fermented milk and is a rich source of protein and Calcium. It also has the added advantage of probiotics. This drink is kind of similar to yogurt, but it has a light fizz along with the sour taste. Kefir also contains a healthy amount of Zinc and vitamin K2. Both of these are incredibly beneficial for increasing testosterone levels.



1. How to really improve testosterone levels?

Honestly, there is no magic formula to suddenly increase the levels of testosterone in the body. But there are some proven ways that can somehow affect and help you increase the hormone level. Hopefully they’ll help you to some extent-

  1. Try to reduce your stress level.
  2. Intake more fat, carbs and protein.
  3. You can start doing some physical activities, preferably weight lifting.
  4. Intake more vitamin D.
  5. Try to eat products which promote estrogen.


2. Which exercise is the best for boosting testosterone?

I would suggest compound lifts for sure. They not only offer testosterone boost, but you will achieve overall fitness. These exercises triggers protein synthesis and helps you to burn fat. They also help to absorb the excess sugar from your blood.


3. Do the supplements for boosting testosterone actually work?

Well, honestly, they do not work like the way they are advertised. Our bodies work in a particular way and it varies from individual to individual depending on your diet and lifestyle habits. So if you’re expecting to buy a random set of tablets online hoping that it would work, the probability of it actually working is quite low. Often, we make the mistake of going for cheap methods without any information about it, and it can lead to dangerous results if you don’t know enough about it. Hence it is better to go the natural way by consuming foods which boosts the testosterone levels. In fact, natural ways do not have any side effects as well.

Ashwagandha is one more herb that has shown surprising results on the level of testosterone on consumption. Along with helping in reducing stress and anxiety, it has been proved that on consumption of 5 grams of ashwagandha daily for around three months, it boosted the T-levels by 10-22%.


4. What causes low testosterone?

Here are some potential causes as to why men might face a decrease in testosterone levels-

  • Injury
  • Infection in the testes.
  • Metabolic disorders.
  • Too much abuse of alcohol.
  • Extreme weight loss or obesity.
  • Excess in estrogen.

You also need to take care of the SHBG levels in your body as increased levels can lead to infertility, decrease in sex drive and also a decline in the levels of free testosterone.


5. What are the symptoms of low testosterone?

Low sex drive, erectile dysfunction, depressed mood, fatigue, loss in muscular strength, moodiness and many more.


Final Words


Other than the 29 testosterone boosting foods mentioned above, many different options are available. You can research more about them on the internet. However, there are also some testosterone killing foods that need to be avoided like trans fats, sugar, vegetable oils, soy, soda, beer, and more. These are the foods that lower testosterone levels in men. But on the other hand, these are also the foods that reduce testosterone in females.


If you are not satisfied with the testosterone boosting foods, and you want to switch to medicines, Ayurvedic medicine for low testosterone is also available. In fact, many people go for naturopathic treatment for low testosterone, which can produce amazing results at times. Red light therapy is one more area which you can research more on when it comes to the topic of increasing testosterone levels. Other than that, you can also try out intermittent fasting, but it is extremely crucial that you research everything about it, including the side effects before trying it out.


Other than testosterone boosting foods, there are also testosterone boosting herbs, vitamins, and supplements available, which help in the increased production of the hormone in male bodies. Boron is one particular component which was seen aiding to the growth of testosterone levels on consumption of around 6-10mg on a daily basis. When it leads to low testosterone brain fog is one of the most noticeable effects seen in men. There comes a decline in their memory and focus skills. So it is better to prevent these adverse effects as much as you can. And if testosterone boosting foods help you in that, why not opt for something so simple?


So if you have a question on your mind regarding ‘ how to gauge testosterone levels?’ this is your one-stop destination to know every single thing you always wanted to.


Being a fitness expert myself, I have hand many experiences, and I have learned a lot during this journey. It is crucial to know what works for your body and what does not. And that is precisely where I want to help you out. Hopefully, this article helped to clear a lot of your doubts.



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