Test suspension Half-Life – Uses, Dosage, Side Effects, Interactions, Warning

Testosterone is a hormone that usually occurs naturally in the body of a human and it is present in both males and females, but the amount is much higher in the case of males. It plays a very essential role in different areas like muscle mass, libido, erectile function, and more. When the level of testosterone decreases than the normal level, it can cause a lot of issues like mood swings, decreased sex drive, cognitive disabilities, etc. A lot of medical problems can also occur.

testosterone suspension half life

How did testosterone suspension come into the picture?

When the scientists were researching the benefits of testosterone, they came across the fact that testosterone provided extra benefits to the athletes. They started to create testosterone in the laboratories and testosterone suspension was one of the first variants to be created. It is said that the Russians first used this variant in the Olympics.

Testosterone suspension is still available but physicians do not generally use it because of its lack of convenience. It is still being used to enhance the performance but there are a few complications that can follow.

Can you consume testosterone suspension directly?

Testosterone suspension also provides major effects as it is one of the most androgenic available steroids. You will be able to see significant gains in mass and strength after using it. However, the only issue is that the test suspension half-life is very less as compared to the other available variants.

It also has some of the other issues related to administration due to which it is rarely chosen as the primary steroid. In fact, it is also used as a fast-acting drug so as to cover the short time gap before the other steroids start working. Since there are better convenient options available today, testosterone suspension is usually used with other steroids so as to kick start the cycle while waiting for the other steroids to reach the peak effect.

The testosterone suspension is used via injection and it requires a very fine needle. If the process is done correctly, the user will definitely not experience any significant pain in the case of anabolic steroid injections. But in the case of testosterone injections, the injection can get quite painful especially where oil or propylene glycol is being used as a suspension.

Sometimes the pain can be so severe that it may be impossible to lift the limb used as the injection site for a temporary amount of time. Sometimes a big bump can also appear at the point of injection.

Testosterone suspension

Test suspension half-life and dosage info.

The usual dosage of testosterone suspension is around 52 to 100 mg per day. However, there are many users out there who get results even after consuming a lower dose. When you expose yourself to higher doses there is also a risk of side effects. Test suspension half-life varies depending on whether you are using oil or water. However, if we do not consider what suspension is being used exactly, the half-life is always less than 24 hours. And in order to achieve this, daily injections are needed.

Sometimes the daily dose is divided into two daily injections especially when you are using a water-based suspension. When water is used as a suspension, a crystalline deposit is created at the site of injection which sort of slows down the release.

Benefits of using testosterone suspension.

Testosterone has always been known for its potential in building muscle and mass but it provides a lot of other benefits as well. Consumption of testosterone suspension can boost your skeletal system and it also helps to improve the bone density and increase the production of collagen. When the athletes are going through intense training, testosterone suspension can help in protecting the joints from stress. Even the circulation of red blood cells is boosted and more oxygen is delivered to the muscles during training sessions after consumption of testosterone suspension.

However, testosterone suspension can also lead to many problematic side effects because this drug is absorbed by the body quite quickly and it’s very difficult to control the severity of the side effects.

Testosterone suspension is really potent because it is just simply testosterone suspended in a fluid. Hence it is the strongest form of the drug. That said, it is extremely essential to know what you are getting into and be aware of the effects.

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