Test Enanthate – Uses, Dosage, Side Effects, Interactions, Warning.

Are you moving helter-skelter to gain high testosterone levels? Are you in a dilemma of what and how to do for increasing your body functioning, immunity, and enhancement of your sex characteristics? Do you want to gain every benefit for your body to gain every benefit for your body in terms of test e

If yes, your destination is here. We are sitting here to tell you everything about testosterone enanthate. It is also known as testosterone heptanoate. It is a steroid with an anabolic and androgenic drug which is quite nice in treating low testosterone levels. It comes with the names of different brands such as Android, Cernos, Depandro, Andropository,  Durathate, Testrin, Testro, and many more. It helps to stimulate the body to produce testosterone on its own.  It also works in radiation and chemotherapy and useful in curing diseases of the hypothalamus and pituitary gland. It is also used to treat delayed puberty in boys and to manage inoperable breast cancer. It is used for the treatment and usage of hormone therapy in transgender.

Test e Cycle

If you want to know everything about test e, you need to read the full article and you will get everything that you need.

Test E Cycle 

Test enanthate cycle is a specified time of taking test e for the improvement in your body.  It can be taken for 4 weeks regularly. It also helps in the testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) in men with the diminished production of testosterone in the testes. It can grow up the level of testosterone in your body and helps in gaining more effective results for sexual orientation. 

First Cycle Test e

Test e can be started to intake by men at any course of time but with the prescription of any healthcare. It can be useful for the hormonal imbalance in transgender. People after the age of 50 lose vigor and sexual desire and started getting fatigue and low libido. It helps in all the cases and benefit the people to gain the every and the test level in their body. 

Test e Only Cycle 

Test enanthate only cycle is now being applied by many people around the world. This is a limited time period of the intake of test e without any other substance of steroid. It is giving decent and excellent results for the people. It depends on the hormonal activities in a person and also helps in the older men by anti-aging therapy. 

Test e Cycle Results 

Test e cycle provides very fast and beneficial results to the men for a better and healthy body. It includes the following things:- 

  1. It is much helpful in treating low testosterone levels. 
  2. It works in building muscles, enhancement of male sex characteristics
  3. It stimulates the body to produce testosterone on its own. 
  4. It helps in the testosterone replacement therapy in men with the dim formation of testosterone like testicular injury, infection, and even cancer. 
  5. It helps in the treatment of radiation and chemotherapy processes and is useful in curing the problems aroused in the hypothalamus and pituitary gland. 

Test e Cycle Before And After 

When you use testosterone enanthate your body functioning changes a lot and totally in the most beneficial way. When you don’t use test e you can be short in the level of testosterone and body regulations but after using test e for a month you can become fit and grow the level of testosterone in the body. There are so many pictures on the web index of those people who used test e for various reasons and had positive results.

Test enathate cycle

Beginner test e  Cycle 

A beginner can readily start taking test e for beneficial results. It is very significant in working for men as well as boys for the delayed response of puberty. A beginner can start taking 500mg /wk. You can also take test E just once a week. It can be taken by needles for safety and ease with 23 gauge / 3ml /1 syringes. 

Test Enanthate 250 gram 

Test e can be used by men and boys both to treat unavoidable conditions caused by a lack of the hormone-like delayed response of puberty,  imbalance in hormonal activities, impotence, etc.  It should be taken by the proper prescription of the doctor under certain medical conditions. 

Test Enanthate 300gm 

It can be taken for 6 weeks for gaining the outputs of an increased level of testosterone

Test Enanthate side Effects 

There are benefits and risks both when you use something. Few side effects of test e are given below:- 

  • Testosterone abuse. 
  • Injection site pain and swelling
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Mood changes, including aggression
  • Depression or anxiety
  • Increased or decreased libido
  • Generalized tingling sensations
  • Oily skin and acne
  • Thinning hair
  • Weight gain

Testosterone Enanthate Dosage 

It is available in the clear or viscous fluid with a 5ml range. You should not take it directly from a vein. It should be based on medical condition, testing blood level, and response to the earlier treatment. It is like this:- 

Male hypogonadism: 50 to 400 milligrams (mg) every two to four weeks

Delayed male puberty: 5 to 200 mg every two to four weeks for four to six months

Metastatic breast cancer: 200 to 400 mg every two to four weeks

Transgender hormone therapy: 50 to 200 mg per week or 100 to 200 mg every two weeks.

Testosterone Enanthate Dosage

Test Enanthate Half-Life

The half-life of test enanthate is 4.5 days. It can take according to that as well for getting the more precise output. 

Buy Test Enanthate 

You can buy a test E from the nearest pharmacy or online as well. It is available legally in many countries but it also depends on the laws of the state. 


How Many Vials Of Test E do I Need For the 12 Week Cycle?  

You must take 2 vials for the 12-week cycle. The reason is written below:- 

If you’re doing 500mg/week, and 1ml has 250mg, then you need 2ml per week. (250×2 = 500)

If there are 20ml per vial, then you can take 2mls 10 times, or 10 weeks, per vial. (20/2 = 10)

Since you want to go 12 weeks (not 10) you’ll need 2 vials.

How Long Should You Wait After Test e Cycle?  

You can estimate to have 4 weeks of the regular cycle and then can take 4 weeks of rest in the whole year. 

How Long To Start PCT After A 10 Month Cycle Test e?  

You can start PCT soon after the cycle gets over but you must consult with the doctor first. 

How Much Does A Test e Cycle Cost?  

It cost around $60 to $80. 10 ml vial dosed at 250 mg /cc will last you to 10 weeks and cost $60 to $80. The PCT would cost you $100.

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