Somatropin Bodybuilding – Uses, Dosage, Side Effects, Interactions, Warning.

Thinking about how to increase Somatropin bodybuilding? Well, you have opened the right page for you. You will know and everything about Somatropin bodybuilding here. But before starting anything let’s discuss first what is Somatropin?


What is Somatropin?

Have you heard about HGH (Human growth hormone) well Somatropin is a form of HGH and Somatropin is considered to be very important in the growth of muscles and bones? Somatropin is used to treat the lack of growth hormones present in child and adult bodies. 

Somatropin helps to increase the human growth hormones in the child and adult body. In children, somatropin helps to increase the height of the child whereas in adults somatropin helps to increase the bones and muscles of the person. 

It is said that those people who have short height have Noonan syndrome, Turner syndrome, and Prader-Willi syndrome. Children have short stature from their birth with no catchup on growth hormones properly. There can be some other causes for your shorter height.

Somatropin is used for those adults too who are facing AIDS and want to lose weight or prevent themselves from short bowel syndrome. There are many people who consult physicians and use Somatropin for special purposes only. 

Why do people use Somatropin?

People use somatropin for many various reasons. It can be used for a child as well as for an adult too. It is not mandatory to be used by only one category only. Some of the reasons for using somatropin are:-

  • If a person has HGH (Human Growth Hormone) deficiency then they can consume somatropin 
  • If a person has chronic renal failure also known as growth retardation
  • If a person deficiency in their pediatric growth  
  • In the case of Turner syndrome 
  • In the case of Cachexia
  • In the case of Noonan’s syndrome 
  • In the case of Short bowel syndrome 
  • In the case of Idiopathic short stature 
  • In the case of short stature of age

The above listed are all the possibilities of consuming somatropin by a consumer. They can contact a physician and confirm with them that is it okay to use somatropin or not and if not then what else they can do to increase HGH (Human Growth Hormone) in their body.

Somatropin uses

What are the side effects of Somatropin?

There can be various side effects after consuming somatropin because every human body has different hormones, different strengths and different ways of consuming medication depending on their health. There can be some scenarios where you can have side effects after using somatropin and if you see any side effects from somatropin contact a physician immediately.

Major side effects are:-

  1. There can be signs of allergies on your body like hives
  2. There can be difficulty in breathing normally
  3. Your face can be swelled from anywhere like lips, cheeks, tongue, and throat
  4. Major pain in knees 
  5. Problems in your ears like pain, swelling, drainage, or warmth 
  6. Feeling kind of numbness in your fingers or hand or hand wrist
  7. Severe swelling in your hands or feet or even when your hand and feet become little puffiness 
  8. You can see a drastic change in your normal behavior
  9. There can be vision problems
  10. There can be a headache for no reason
  11. Inappropriate change in your shape or size of a mole
  12. Severe pain in your pancreas 
  13. Increase in blood sugar
  14. Increase pressure inside your skull
  15. Itching on your any body part
  16. Pain in your muscles and joints
  17. Gastric problems
  18. Change in your skin where the injection is injected
  19. Problematic signs in your adrenal gland like weight loss or dizziness or being tired for no reason
  20. Sore throat with signs of cold flu and stuffy nose (nose blockage due to mucus)

Above are listed most of the side effects which you can see after consuming somatropin. Once you see any of these side effects, contact an emergency doctor or your consulted physician immediately without wasting any other minute because if you will waste any more time or delay to meet your physician you can be in big trouble which may take a lot of time and money to recover.

When you cannot use Somatropin?

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding do not consume somatropin as it can be a problem for the mother as well as the child too. If you are allergic to Benzyl alcohol do not consume somatropin. If you have any cancer, eye problem, diabetes, Prader-Willi, breathing problem, sleep apnea, head injury, or any other serious illness do not consume somatropin under these circumstances at all. 

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