Penuma XXL – What is the procedure to get a Penuma XXL?

Ever heard of penis implants? Of course, you might have. It can be considered as one of the most major medical breakthroughs today. Now men can get a penis of any size they want but of course, you have to spend some amount of money for the procedure. However, the entire process takes only around 45 minutes to get over with and now it also comes with different sizes for you to choose from according to your requirement.

Penuma XXL

What is Penuma?

It is a type of penis implant and the inventor of it is Dr. Elist James and the most interesting fact is that the sizes start from L because no one wants a small size after the implant right? The demand for this implant is growing and believe it or not, Dr. Elist James is the only surgeon in the world who is qualified to do the procedure. To date, he has gone ahead with around 1300 operations the starting price of which is $13,000

Penuma is a silicone implant that was approved by the US FDA around 10 years back for penile implants. It has been so popular since then that there have been many men who visit him to increase their manhood. Penuma XXL has been a really popular size among men because of course after spending so much money, why would you want a small penis?

What is the procedure to get a Penuma XXL?

Firstly the patient is given a shot of anesthesia after which the doctor will roll the foreskin. After this, the Penuma, or the sheath of silicone implant is inserted into the penis. Then the skin is stitched back with the original penis. Both the length and the girth can be enhanced using the procedure and in case you are skeptical about the doctor, you do not need to be worried because he treats patients from all over the world. And not every patient had a small penis before the surgery. There have been patients who had a size of an average of 5 inches before the surgery.

Normally in the typical cases, the doctors cut the suspensory ligaments due to which the penis hangs lower. This type of operation was typically carried out in the United Kingdom where the average size increases to about 1.3 centimeters in length. However maximum of the patients who had this surgery was not happy with the results. Another option is to inject collagen or fat but this mostly leads to a really odd shape that is not very pleasing to the eye.

But when it comes to the Penuma surgery, the success rate goes to 95% and the Penuma XXL has been the preferred choice of many of the patients.

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Points to take care of after the surgery.

The hospitalization duration after the surgery can be for a day or two and the patient is prescribed antibiotics for a fortnight. Moreover, the patients are advised not to indulge in any hardcore physical exercise for at least a month and it is also suggested not to have sex for around 4 months. Because the organ needs time to heal completely as it is permanent and sensitive.

The feedback of most of the patients has been positive some of them have even said that the procedure was a life-changing event for them. However, even though the look was definitely better along with the aesthetic, it does not change how a person performs in bed! Nonetheless, it’s all about feeling good about yourself, isn’t it?

Is the surgery worth it?

According to survey reports, the average size of a penis is around 5 inches long and 4.5 inches in circumference. However, studies also say that more than 50% of males are not satisfied with the size of their penis. And of course, this thought comes from years of stereotypes and adult films which has always glorified the size of a penis. But there is one very important thing that many men don’t realize- the size does not actually matter if you know how to utilize it.

The times are changing today and a lot is changing when it comes to making judgments regarding body issues and weight. Likewise judging the manhood of a male is also not correct. But if someone actually wants to feel good about themselves, and going ahead with this surgery can help them achieve that feeling, then they can surely go for it. Whether you want to keep your natural size or you want to get the Penuma XXL, it’s totally your choice!

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