Parabolan: A Protein Synthesis Steroid (Dosage, Benefits, Cycles, & Side effects)

Who would not like to maintain high muscle mass, strength, and a charming body? Isn’t it? Do you also want to increase muscle growth, strength, and improve athletic performances?  Or else, want to be fit and energetic by burning fat? If yes, then Parabolan steroid is here for you.

parabolan steroid

But what the heck is Parabolan steroids? Wait, let me explain to you in detail here.

This is also called Trenbolone hexahydrobenzylcarbonate, an anabolic steroid used to treat a few forms of weight loss, muscle strengthening, and physical performance. This is mostly used by athletes and sports players.

The reason most people prefer this steroid is due to its fewer cycles. In a short period, you can get ultimate results to improve physical performances and activities. Now, you have got an answer to what is parabolan. Didn’t you?

Well, want to know more about this steroid? If yes, then dive deeper. Here is everything that you should know about dosage, cycles, side-effects, benefits, etc.

Parabolan Cycle

Parabolan Cycle

The parabolan has three cycles that bodybuilders prefer. Trenbolone has longer cycles as it shows its results a bit late.

  • Experienced users take a 12-week cycle with the parabolan dosage of 228 mg per week.
  • Intermediate users take it for 14 weeks with a testosterone enanthate of 100 mg per week. Whereas, equipment is taken 400 mg per week.
  • The third type of cycle is the advanced cycle. This lasts for 12 weeks. Testosterone enanthate, parabolan, and Primobolan is taken 100 mg, 500 mg, and 1000 mg per week

Parabolan Benefits

Trenbolone is the most versatile steroid used in several aspects of physical fitness. Most often it’s best for building muscle mass. So, this is the reason most athletes and sportspeople use this steroid in their daily routines.

Here are the few benefits of this steroid, if taken in a limited manner. Want to know?

  • Increases Protein Synthesis

It’s a well-known fact that proteins are the building blocks of muscle strengthening. The use of trenbolone increases the rate of proteins at which they are produced. This increased production of proteins leads to stronger and active muscle growth.

  • Increase RBC Production

Usually, Red Blood Cells carry oxygen and nutrients to the entire organs in the body. Increased RBC production leads to increased oxygenated levels in the body.

If there are more oxygen levels in the body, then you can opt for more workouts. You don’t feel exhausted, tired, or drowsy easily. So, this ensures your muscles perform well.  

  • Increased Metabolism Rate

Metabolism refers to the burning fat. So, when your body has less metabolism rate, it burns less fat and calories. An adequate dosage of trenbolone burns fat. Hence, it also improves the metabolism rate and absorption of nutrients.  

  • Increases Somatomedin C production

Somatomedin C is produced by the liver that plays an important role in the production of human growth hormone. So, it gives you the best results. Moreover, it also builds up proteins and thus supports muscle strength.

Parabolan Benefits

Parabolan Side effects

Apart from several benefits, several people end up with severe side effects that are really hard to control.

This steroid results in androgenic side-effects that include oily skin, acne, increased hair growth, and immediate weight gains. However, it’s not limited to the above-mentioned side effects. In males, this steroid increases baldness.

Whereas, in females, the Parabolan leads to severe destruction. It deepens the voice of women, leads to menstrual irregularities, facial growth, rough skin texture, and clitoral enlargement. However, if this steroid is abused, it can also lead to liver damage and toxification of the internal organs. As parabolan is anabolic and androgenic, it affects serum cholesterol, increases LDL cholesterol values(bad cholesterol), decreases HDL cholesterol(good cholesterol) levels, and increases the risk of arteriosclerosis.

Apart from the above-mentioned side effects, it also affects blood pressure, triglycerides levels, increased heart diseases, heart attacks, and other cardiac-related diseases.

So, these are the severe side-effects of abusing trenbolone steroids. However, the side-effects are limited to just these effects as mentioned here. So, make sure you don’t abuse this steroid and use it in a limited manner.

Is Parabolan Discontinued in the Market

There is a huge doubt in many people about the discontinuation of parabolan. If you ask me whether parabolan has discontinued or not, the answer is simply yes. But why is parabolan discontinued?

Want to know? Here it is. Though trenbolone is quite popular in France, it was discontinued in 1997 by the manufacturing company. This is because of its negative impact on people.

It has been seen that there is a negative effect on people especially on those people who are in athletic, sports, and acting fields due to the anabolic drugs. However, there are still a few markets that are selling parabolan.

Well, this is all about the parabolan. Though parabolan is highly beneficial, one should not abuse it. The users have to limit the use of parabolan.

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