Olive Oil for Testosterone – Is it REALLY Beneficial?

Olive oil for testosterone, especially extra virgin olive oil, has some fantastic properties, which makes it one of the best foods that increase testosterone levels. Many people add extra virgin olive oil to their smoothies daily. Extra virgin olive oil can also reduce the amount of bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol in our body.

olive oil testosterone

We already know that olive oil is an excellent source of healthy fats. But do you know that it can also affect the testosterone level in the body? Yes, it does. Extra virgin olive oil can also reduce the damage done to DNA and increase heart health.

Many people believe that the tests conducted on animals do not always work when it comes to humans. But there are specific ones which prove otherwise. Many studies are done on rats as they give a better understanding of what exactly goes on in human bodies.


Benefits of extra virgin olive oil

Today, olive oil can be considered as a magical touch as the olive oil benefits are countless. Here are a few of them-

  • Extra virgin olive oil can increase the sperm count in men. It contains vitamin E, which can increase the efficiency of sperms during sexual intercourse. The men suffering from this issue can make use of this oil.
  • Olive oil can improve libido in men. Studies say that men using olive oil perform better in bed during sex.
  • It is said that extra virgin olive oil can also improve the masculine appearance in men which makes them further attractive.
  • Men do not show as much emotion as women do. There is a mentality in our society which says that men who show emotion are weak. Due to this, many men suffer from depression. In a study including 12,000 Spanish students, it showed that consumption of extra virgin olive oil reduced depression to around 50%. The Mediterranean diet contains a high amount of olive oil, and this has proved to be incredibly beneficial.
  • Extra virgin olive oil contains antioxidants, which help to improve focus and memory. It also helps to boost blood circulation throughout the body.



Olive oil and testosterone

A study was conducted with 40 rats, where each rat received the same diet for two months. But these 40 rats were divided into four groups. These four groups received their fat source from four different sources, that is grapeseed, Soybean, olive and coconut oil. The researchers found a relation between the kind of oil consumed and the free radicals that were produced in the testicles. Each of the oils had a role in the organ where the testosterone of men is produced.


The results prove that the rats which consumed olive oil had the highest levels of testicular antioxidants. This further led to reduced inflammation in the Leydig cells, which increased the testosterone levels. Extra virgin olive oil also has the properties to increase the efficiency of two critical enzymes involved in the process of manufacture of testosterone- 3 Beta HSD and 17 beta HSD.


Extra virgin olive oil helps the Leydig cells to absorb more cholesterol, which is converted by them into testosterone. The Leydig cells can easily extract the cholesterol and free it up. The bottom line is, when more free cholesterol is available to the cells, more testosterone can be produced. This is how olive oil and testicle size are related.


Oleuropein and testosterone

Oleuropein is a phenolic compound that is found in extra virgin olive oil. The rats were fed with this compound for 28 days, and then the researchers measured their testosterone, nitrogen and luteinizing hormone levels. Luteinizing hormone helps in the regulation of testosterone production.

The results showed that the consumption of Oleuropein testosterone levels and luteinizing hormones significantly increased. Oleuropein is only found in olives and extra virgin olive oil. And this test proved that there is a direct correlation between this compound and increased testosterone production. If you look up for olive oil testosterone NCBI on the internet, you will come across many articles that will help you understand the benefits of extra virgin olive oil.


How to use olive oil testosterone methods?

Original unfiltered extra virgin olive oil is hard to find. It would be best if you were careful while choosing your brand of extra virgin olive oil that you are going to include in your diet. The healthy olive oil dosage testosterone is around 1 to 2 tablespoons per day, which is more than enough. It is also better to store the extra virgin olive oil in a dark glass container so that plastic chemicals won’t seep in, and the sunlight exposure might shorten the shelf life of the oil. Eggs and olive oil testosterone boosting breakfast options are also available where you can scramble the eggs using a few drops of olive oil.


Final words

There are enough studies to prove that extra virgin olive oil can boost the testosterone levels by a whopping 17.4 percent. Other than using olive oil for testosterone increasing tricks, olive oil also has tons of other benefits for the brain, skin and overall functioning of the body. All these benefits make it all the more worthy of giving it a try.


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