How do Metformin and Testosterone are correlated?

You may be thinking of how Metformin is related to testosterone present in your body. Well, Metformin helps to reduce testosterone levels in your body with a reduction in sex drives. Metformin lowers testosterone by inducing erectile dysfunction. Metformin can protect against cancer too. Basically, Metformin works as your Neuroprotectant.

metformin and testosterone

There are many scientists who have done studies on the world’s first clinical “anti-aging” drug which may affect positively by lowering the risk of cancer in your body especially when you are diabetic. After the trial and studies, Metformin is officially ready to begin its journey for people’s safety. This drug is half a year older than you thought.

People are using Metformin for over 50 years to treat type two diabetes. According to the new study, it is said that now Metformin can prevent you from cancer, cardiovascular disease, neurocognitive disease, and obesity. 

The best part is that we don’t have to wait for the launch of Metformin, it is already available in the market and Doctors are already prescribing it to the patients to treat their type two diabetes disease. Now just after the yes from Health coordinators of the world, Metformin will be used to prevent further diseases.

What are the perks of consuming Metformin?

There are many perks of consuming Metformin on your health. Some of them are:-

  • Metformin helps in reducing body fat
  • Metformin helps in reducing fat mass 
  • Metformin helps in preventing Cardiovascular disease
  • Metformin helps the chances of increasing cancer in your body

Explain how Metformin and Testosterone are correlated?

Where after using Metformin lowers down the level of testosterone and sex drives in your body they both are correlated. Metformin decreases in BMI, waist, and hip of a person in both the group (Metformin and Hypocaloric). Therefore, when all the levels of fat and other extra mass are decreased Metformin helps to decrease the level of testosterone and sex drives from your body and state of mind.

How long does it take metformin to lower testosterone levels?

From the latest published study, it is said that Metformin can reduce the level of testosterone from your body in 8 to 12 weeks especially in women who have PCOS in their body and it is done by improving hyperandrogenemia. From some eats, it is also said that Metformin lowers the level of testosterone within a week sometimes.

Do people prefer Metformin for high testosterone?

The answer to this question is No, people cannot prefer Metformin much for higher testosterone in the body because as Metformin is injected in your body especially in women who have PCOS, it helps improve metabolism and reproductive system by the aspect of PCOS.

metformin testosterone

What should be the Metformin and testosterone levels?

When you will start consuming Metformin you will see a change in your testosterone as it will accordingly come down. As soon as Metformin will start showing its effects inside your body, the level of testosterone will start to decrease with it.

Does Metformin lower Testosterone?

Yes, Metformin lowers the level of testosterone. A 22-year adolescent girl who had PCOS saw that after consuming Metformin she had a significant decline in her serum testosterone as compared to placebo. After that, it was pretty much clear that Metformin effects better than placebo for the treatment of PCOS.

Is it right to use Metformin to lower testosterone levels?

Yes, after the world’s first anti-aging study and trial it is pretty much clear and acceptable that you can use Metformin to lower testosterone level but before you consume Metformin do not forget to consult a professional Doctor.

How does Metformin lower testosterone?

If a woman has PCOS, with following all the medical treatment with glucose and other injections you can take Metformin with them because as soon as your HDL Cholesterol concentration improves, testosterone will automatically fall down in your body. 

What dose of Metformin lowers testosterone?

When the trial was going on for Metformin to see that after consuming how much amount of dose it will take to lower down the level of testosterone and how much a total of 96 women took the trial. Where 43 women took 1500 mg/d and 53 women took 1000 mg/d. 

Those women’s who took 1500mg/d showed various effects in their body like a significant decrease/reduction in the level of insulin, HOMA-IR index, free androgen levels and a major decrease in testosterone level whereas those women who took 1000 mg/d had deficiency but not as much compared to those 43 women’s. 

After the treatment for 43 women who consumed 1500 mg/d showed a decrease in the level of insulin by 25% and a decrease in the level of Testosterone by 23%. We may assume that now your query is resolved related to Metformin and Testosterone.

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