L-theanine – Uses, Dosage, Side Effects, Interactions, Warning.

When you heard the word L-theanine you may be thinking where it is found? L-theanine is found in the tea leaves and in Bay Bolete mushrooms but in very small amounts. L-theanine is considered to be an amino acid. L-theanine is found in black tea as well as in green tea. L-theanine is available in the form of tablets or pills in the drug stores too.

L theanine

What are L-theanine benefits?

There are many benefits to consuming L-theanine. Some of them are:-

  • L-theanine helps relax your mind without drowsiness
  • L-theanine helps to ease stress and unwind
  • L-theanine helps in releasing anxiety
  • L-theanine helps in increasing focus
  • L-theanine helps in improving memory and learning skills
  • L-theanine helps in boosting better immunity
  • L-theanine help cancer and tumor patients with their treatment
  • L-theanine helps in improving your sleep quality
  • L-theanine helps in controlling your blood pressure
  • L-theanine helps in sinusitis relief

L theanine benefits

What is L-theanine dosage?

As there is no such research for the dosage of L-theanine it is not confirmed to anyone what amount of dose they should consume. But if a person drinks a lot of tea and they see that their stomach is not good and their sleep is deprived then they should contact a physician as soon as possible to see that there are no side effects. It is also said if you want to use it for sleep and stress take 100 mg to 400 mg.

What are L-theanine side effects?

From people’s reviews, they said when they drank tea and took supplements they didn’t see any such side effects. But from research, it is said that L-theanine has side effects for concerned patients after consuming L-theanine. There are some people who are caffeine addicted they can have some side effects like nausea. Sleep deprivation, upset stomach, and irritability.

What are L-theanine reviews?

People who are using L-theanine gave positive reviews most of the time. People said that when they used it with coffee it helped them to decrease anxiety and increase sleep without stress.

Is it used for L-theanine anxiety?

Yes, there are so many people who consume L-theanine with coffee to decrease anxiety as it is said that consumption of L-theanine helps not only in decreasing stress and anxiety but it also helps in the treatment of cancer as well and anxiety is the main reason for brain-related problems. Therefore, it is recommended to consume L-theanine for decreasing anxiety.

Is it good to take L-theanine and caffeine together?

It is 100% safe and recommended by people to consume L-theanine and caffeine together as it helps in decreasing anxiety and keeps a good taste of mouth for a long time.

L-theanine sleep

L-theanine works in such a way that it helps its consumer in increasing sleep. People who use L-theanine confirmed that after they started consuming it they saw a major difference in their sleep.

L-theanine high

When you consume L-the anime with the coffee you see an effective effect. You will experience a high focus, high awareness, high energy, and lower mental stress.

L-theanine interactions

L-theanine interactions mean what are the medications or supplements which can interact with L-theanine. Some of the known interactions are-

  • Interaction with medicines to treat a disease like Blood pressure
  • Interaction with other supplements like caffeine

L theanine uses

What is L-theanine?

L-theanine is an amino acid used by many people to decrease stress, increase sleep, treat cancer, and many more health-related issues. L-theanine is found in tea leaves and in Bay bolete mushrooms but in a small amount only.

What does L-theanine do?

L-theanine helps decrease your stress, increase sleep, controlling blood pressure, treating cancer and tumor, improving learning skills, improving attention and focus, and solves many more health-related issues.

How long does l-theanine stay in your system?

It is seen that the effects of L-theanine stay in your system around 8 to 10 hours a day after the consumption.

How much L-theanine to take?

It is better to consume 80 msg to 100 mg and with caffeine 12-100 mg once.

When to take L-theanine?

It totally depends on you when to consume but the best time can be morning or evening.

How long does L-theanine take to work?

After the consumption of L-theanine, it shows its working within 30 minutes.

How much L-theanine in green tea?

You can consume L-theanine in green tea with a ratio of 2.79 by consuming 16.28 mg in a day

How long does L-theanine last?

L-theanine lasts in your body for a maximum of 10 hours and a minimum of 8 hours.

What is L-theanine good for?

L-theanine is good for many health-related issues but it is best for anxiety and an increase in sleep.

What is L-theanine used for?

The main purpose of using L-theanine is to lower down the stress and anxiety and increase your focus and sleep with a motive of better health.

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