Equipoise Cycle – Uses, Dosage, Side Effects, Interactions, Warning.

Equipoise is an anabolic steroid drug that is derived from testosterone and highly beneficial for athletes or those who want to gain muscle mass. The scientific name for the equipoise drug is Boldenone Undecylenate. An equipoise cycle takes a good 12 weeks before it starts working on your body. You might be craving rapid muscle gain but hear us out. Rapid-acting steroid drugs may give you instantaneous results but can be harmful in the long run.

Since Equipoise starts acting slowly, your body gets accustomed to the high level of androgens getting released in your body. Equipoise has been shown to increase appetite among users and leads to an increase in lean muscle mass.

Equipoise cycle

Equipoise only cycle

Studies show that equipoise is not very effective when used alone. It shows a synergistic effect when used with other anabolic steroids like testosterone. In addition, you also need to follow a healthy diet consisting of skimmed milk, chicken salad, yogurt, green vegetables, and lots of seasonal fruits.

Since Equipoise increases appetite, make sure that you are eating enough and not starving yourself. The key is to consume frequent, balanced meals with controlled portions. You can see again in your muscle mass after around 6-7 weeks. Till then, you need to keep taking Boldenone and follow a healthy regime.

Equipoise test cycle

If you want to gain muscle mass, you need to consistently follow the equipoise test cycle.
For this, you need to take 200-400mg of Equipoise along with two pills of 0.5mg Arimidex and continue it for 12 weeks. This will help in bulking up your muscles and give you the desired body shape. This cycle is ideal for beginners.

If you are an advanced bodybuilder, you can increase your equipoise and test cycle dosage to 600 mg per week but any amount beyond this dosage is not recommended.
A good routine is to take Test-E and Equipoise together and continue it for 14 weeks. Here, keep the Equipoise dosage lower than the Test-E.

Equipoise test cycle

Equipoise cutting cycle

There are basically two cutting cycles that you can follow to have a balanced equipoise cycle.

For cutting cycle 1, you need to take-

  • 400 mg of Equipoise and 750 mg of Test-E per week.
  • Along with this, you should take 30 mg of Dbol every day. Continue this for 12 weeks.

For cutting cycle 2, you need to take-

  • 400 mg Equipoise per week and 100 mg of Test-Prop every other day.
    Continue this cycle for 12 weeks.

We hope you have understood how much Equipoise for the cycle you should take. If you are a beginner, start with 200-400 mg per week and if you are well familiarized with the drug, you can increase your dosage to 600 mg per week.

Equipoise cutting cycle

Where can I buy the Equipoise cycle?

Equipoise is a drug that is legalized for use in horses. It is sold in the United States and Australia under commercial names of Boldane, Vebonol, etc. It can be legally used by authorized vets and is used under strict surveillance. Clinical equipoise is used by doctors when there is no other alternative option. Since this drug is often misused by athletes, there is an ongoing debate regarding the ethical use of this drug.

How long should I run a test Equipoise cycle with Anadrol?

Anadrol is a potent anabolic drug, that too is derived from testosterone. It is usually included in the Equipoise cycle in order to increase the effectiveness of the latter drug. Anadrol should be taken in very small amounts (~50 decagrams) along with Equipoise.

Generally, equipoise takes 12 weeks to show visible results. However, with Anadrol, it will show results in just 6 weeks. Though this combination is used by many people, we would suggest you consult a doctor or someone who has a fair share of experience with the drug.

What is a good Equipoise cycle?

A good Equipoise cycle is that which is done with proper precautions. Be it a bulking cycle or a cutting cycle, never increase your Equipoise dosage beyond 500 mg. Along with it, maintain a healthy diet and follow a daily workout routine. Without adequate exercise, no amount of equipoise or any anabolic steroid is going to help.


Equipose is a beneficial drug only when used wisely. It is legally safe to be used on horses but more researches are required to find out about its long-term effects on humans. Common side effects of Equipose include an excessive increase in red blood cells, which can deprive your tissue cells of adequate nutrients. In addition, it may cause gynecomastia, hoarse voice, and acne. Hence, use Equipoise with caution in order to avoid adverse effects.

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