Does Sex Increase Testosterone? – Here’s the Truth

Testosterone is one hormone that is majorly responsible for the sex life of a man. Studies have said that after reaching a peak during adolescence, the level of testosterone begin to decline gradually in men. And then they turn to testosterone therapy in different forms like injections, gels and tablets. However the results are not always satisfactory.

Does Sex Increase Testosterone
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On the other hand some men accepted as a part of aging and are cautious about the side effects that may come with the different treatments. Typically most of the physicians prescribe testosterone treatments to the men who have been diagnosed with hypogonadism. However there are some risk factors which comes along with testosterone therapy like it can create word problems for men who have a problem of disordered breathing at night.

So is there any solution that can help in the problem of declining testosterone levels which do not require any medication? Let’s check it out.


Sex and testosterone levels

The conventional knowledge is that when testosterone levels are low, it affects the desire to have sex in a negative way. But does being sexually active increase testosterone levels in men?

In a study conducted in 2015, researchers found that men who have less sex and had less sexual Desire, were more likely to experience a decline in the testosterone levels. In 1970, studies suggested that sexual activity have the potential to increase testosterone levels. Another study conducted with 9 healthy young men showed that the testosterone levels of the man watching a sexually arousing film was more than the men watching sexually neutral film. The levels increased from 640 nanograms per deciliter to 727 nanograms per deciliter.

But there were other contradicting studies which show that sexual activity has no effect on the testosterone levels in men. A recent study also pointed out some mixed results regarding the previous studies. It said that the testosterone levels might have increased due to some other reasons but not sexual intercourse.

During sexual stimuli brain neuroimaging might cause the sexually stimulated activation of temporal areas. This has an association with testosterone levels and might reflect a positive feedback since sexual stimulation releases testosterone and can lead to further activation in These areas.

Doctors have said that there are many other Lifestyle factors that affect testosterone levels as men age. During a study in Sydney conducted for more than 1700 men with age 70 and above, some facts came out. The number of participants decrease to around 1300 around 2 years later. But during both the visits the men answered all type of questions regarding their sexual functioning and how often their sexual activity resulted to ejaculation. Their blood levels of testosterone and other hormones were also measured.

The results showed that there was a decline in testosterone, even though it was less than 10% drop. It was linked to decrease sexual activity and decrease Desire but had no relation to erections. Doctors said that the sexual function reduced because of reduction in testosterone levels. However it has also been said that if there is a 70% or 80% drop in testosterone, it can affect sexual functioning.

The cause and effect link regarding sexual activity and testosterone level has not reached any certain results as of now. But it is true that decline in testosterone levels in men leads to less sexual Desire and decrease in libido. Whether the fact is true the other way round, that has not been confirmed yet.


Does being sexually active increase testosterone in women?

There are not many studies which researched about the effect of sexual activity on the testosterone levels in women. The results received in case of women are somewhat more direct and affirmative. In case of women frequency of sexual intercourse is directly related to testosterone levels. The results also say that sexual activity in women increases their testosterone levels.


Does having more sexual partners mean higher testosterone?

When it comes to human society, it has been seen that men have a high interest regarding uncommitted sex then females. This is a socio sexuality psychology and recent studies found that this has a negative impact on the testosterone levels. That is if the number of sexual partners is more, the testosterone level declines. The testosterone is inhibited when their desires are fulfilled.


Final words

It seems that the question does sex increase testosterone does not have any fixed answer. We are sure of the fact that higher testosterone levels can increase sexual interest and arousal which leads to sexual enjoyment in the case of both men and women. While some studies suggest that sexual activity has no association to increase or decrease of testosterone levels, some recent ones contradict that fact.

Additionally frequency of sexual activity is related to mental health, happiness, satisfaction and overall well being of an individual. Reduced sexual activity can also cause depression and stress. So it is better to maintain good health, be physically active so that the sex life can be impact affected in a positive way.

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