Androgel vs Injections – What is Androgel and why is it used?

Today testosterone supplements are getting increasingly popular because the levels of testosterone are declining as men age. And that is the reason why testosterone replacement therapy is prescribed to those people.  Firstly before going ahead to understand the differences between Androgel and injections, let us first understand what Androgel actually is.

Androgel vs Injections

 What is Androgel and why is it used?

 Androgel is a medicine that is usually prescribed by doctors to treat testosterone deficiency. However, it can have certain side effects like nausea, itching coma fatigue, yellowing of the skin or eyes, chest pain, etc. This medicated gel containing testosterone is useful for men who are not able to produce enough testosterone. It is absorbed through the skin and it enters your bloodstream and also helps the body to reach the normal level of testosterone.

What are testosterone injections?

 Testosterone injections also have the same function, which is to restore the level of testosterone in the body of the males. The injection form of testosterone is also known as depo-testosterone and these shots can be given every 2 to 4 weeks. However, that can be some certain issues that you need to take care of like liver problems, heart problems, blood clots, etc.

testosterone injections

Androgel vs injections-  What are the differences?

These are the major differences between Androgel and testosterone injections that you need to know.

  •  Both of them are used to treat low testosterone. The injections can be only given once or twice a month and even though you can do it at home, it is suggested to get help from someone. Androgel is the more convenient option but care should be taken so that the gel does not rub off on others
  •  Testosterone injection is considered the first-choice treatment for men with low testosterone and delayed puberty. On the other hand, Androgel has again considered an effective medication in treating low testosterone levels.
  •  Depo-testosterone is only available as a short while Androgel can be used as a lotion which is very easy to apply.
  •  Androgel is available as a cheaper and generic form the dosage does not need to be adjusted if you have any liver or kidney issues. It is easier to apply but in the case of depo-testosterone, you need the help of someone since the injection has to be used on your buttocks.
  •  While after the testosterone injection you do not need to follow any restrictions but on the other hand, you need to make sure that the area on which you are applying the Androgel needs to be dry and covered so that it does not rub off on other people. Moreover, you need to wait for a minimum of two hours before you shower or go swimming because otherwise, your body won’t be able to absorb the entire amount.
  •  Testosterone injections are more commonly used for low testosterone levels for gender identity disorder. Androgel is also used for metastatic breast cancer, delayed puberty, and hypogonadism.
  •  Another point in Androgel vs injections is that- when it comes to the side effects of the testosterone injections, there can be cases of breast tissue changes, changes in sex drive, changes in sperm, increase of calcium in the blood, and more. On the other hand, the side effects of using Androgel included blood clots, the possibility of exposing someone else to it, elevated red blood cell count, etc.

If your testosterone levels are actually low, you can definitely go for either of them as both of them have been proved as effective in treating deficiency in testosterone. However, if you want to know which is better when it comes to Androgel vs injections, studies have shown that the risk of using a testosterone injection is more than using Androgel. While the percentage of people who were hospitalized was 1.16% to 1.34% in the case of testosterone injection users, the percentage was around 1.02%-1.1% in the case of gel or patch users.

 The studies further revealed that the testosterone injections put the patients at a higher risk of cardiovascular events as compared to gels. However, the testosterone patches and gels were found to have similar risk profiles. But nonetheless, testosterone injections are still being used today and it does not seem very unsafe as well. So if you are suffering from testosterone deficiency, you have quite a number of options in front of you.

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