Why ‘Fussy Fodmapper’?

September 22, 2017

Why the name ‘Fussy Fodmapper’?

I remember trying to explain my intolerances to a colleague and getting the response:

“You really are a fussy eater, aren’t you?”

At first I was upset, I tried to explain that my food choices are not about tastes, they are a necessity for me to avoid crippling IBS symptoms. I wasn’t trying to be difficult.

That term fussy stuck with me. I mulled it over considering what the word really meant. To be fussy is to be concerned with details, to be selective, to be discriminating. That certainly described my gut. The more I thought about it, the more I started to ACCEPT the term.

Now I OWN the lable that was awarded to me.

Damn straight I’m fussy. Being fussy avoids pain and discomfort. Being fussy allows me to leave the house with confidence. Being fussy enables me to enjoy life. There is nothing wrong with that.


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